We offer Group insurance plans for small and large businesses. Give your hardworking employees the excellent healthcare coverage they deserve. 

It’s no secret that employees who feel protected and supported by their workplace are more committed and invested in their work. Here at Tatil, we consider excellent health insurance not to be merely an employment benefit but a necessary provision for any workplace that is invested in the wellbeing of employees and their families. 

As with any Tatil commercial insurance policy, we want you to have protection that is as tailor-made to your business’ needs as possible. This is why we offer two different Group Health Policies: 

  • The Small Groups Plan: A standard plan for employers with more than 5 but less than 25 employees 
  • For employers with over 25 employees, we offer specially designed coverage plans based on the specific work and needs of your company and its employees. 

Both policies provide reliable and affordable coverage to: 

  • Full-time employees  
  • Spouses of full-time employees 
  • The children of full-time employees who are under the age of 19 years and who are not employed or married. 
  • The children of full-time employees who are enrolled full-time in school or university 

All of the above parties are covered for:  

  • Hospital fees 
  • Surgeon’s fees 
  • Doctor’s visits 
  • Medical specialist’s consultations  
  • Physiotherapy expenses  
  • Prescription medications  
  • Maternity expenses 
  • Vision care 
  • Dental care 
  • Preventative care 
  • and other miscellaneous non-hospital care expenses 

Give back to those who give you and your business their time and expertise by getting in touch with one of our representatives today.