Get smart with your Marine Insurance


Marine Hull Insurance covers damage sustained to the Vessels.


Marine Cargo Insurance covers against All Risk of Physical Loss or Damage to cargo being shipped.

Tatil Marine Insurance


Tatil’s Marine Cargo All Risk Insurance protects your property from physical loss and damage in all of the ways you need.  

This insurance package protects your goods from damage as a result of just about any external cause. Policy coverage can be arranged from warehouse to warehouse. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shipping items across the country, within your region or across the globe. Here at Tatil we make sure that your cargo is completely protected while it’s in transit.  

We cover all of the following circumstances and more: 

  • Theft or pilferage 
  • Water damage 
  • Leakage or breakage 
  • Collision 
  • Improper stowage 
  • Non-delivery/shortage 
  • Fire and explosion 

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Tatil’s Marine Hull Insurance lets you enjoy your days on the water with the peace of mind of  knowing that damage to your vessel is covered! Our Marine Hull Insurance provides you with cover for: 

  •  Accidental loss or damage to your vessel 
  • Accidental loss or damage to your vessel’s machinery and equipment 
  • Legal liability to third parties because of negligence related to the vessel’s operations or the actions of masters or crew. 

With six decades of experience in providing insurance security to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, our team will ensure you’re getting the perfect coverage that is just for you! 

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