Refunds are available to Insureds, who having paid for insurance coverage and before the expiry of the policy, either request the cancellation of the policy or a reduction of the risk covered; or where another of the specified changes / reasons is applicable. This policy applies to Direct Business, Salespersons and Agencies only.

The Refund Policy Applies to:

  1. Policy Cancellation
    • By TATIL – pro-rata premium
    • By the Insured – Short period rates
  2. Reduction in the risks covered
  3. Decrease Sum Insured/Limit of liability
  4. Change from Comprehensive to Third Party coverage
  5. Change in motor policy from hired vehicle “H” to private vehicle “P”
  6. Any other changes which result in a reduction of risk and a refund of premium
  7. Approved discount or premium correction
  8. No Claim Discount (NCD), proof provided (via letter from other Insurer with TATIL’s verification)
  9. Other approved discount
  10. Other premium correction

Please note the following:

Where premiums are paid online, i.e. using the TATIL’s website, refunds will not be issued through the website or any related application.

You may contact us at any TATIL branch office or via e-mail at the following e-mail address: [email protected] and indicate your intention to cancel, reduce or otherwise amend your insurance policy coverage. Upon receipt of your instructions, an “Instruction to Insurer” form will be sent to you for completion.