Make your Tatil Life online payments directly from your bank accounts to ours.

Transfer your Tatil Life payments directly from your bank account! Using your online banking, send funds directly from your account to one of ours. See below for making a bank to bank transfer

  1. Gather your necessary documents: policy number, premium amount and the amount due.
  2. Log into your personal banking platform of your preferred bank.
  3. Select from the below options to make an online transfer of your payment amount:

For RBL specifically, please follow the below steps on your RBL banking app:

  1. Select ‘Pay’
  2. Scroll down to ‘Company / Utility Payments’
  3. Select ‘Other’ if it’s your first time paying Tatil Life this way
  4. Scroll and select ‘Insurance’
  5. Select ‘TATIL Life Assurance Ltd.’
  6. Enter the following info:
  • Consumer Name (the policy holder’s name)
  • Consumer Number (the policy number)
  • Amount to pay (your premium owed)

7. Submit


Send an email to [email protected] with the following information, as well as a screenshot or email receipt of your transaction: 

  • Customer name 
  • Policy number 
  • Date of payment 
  • Name of Bank  
  • Total amount paid  



Republic Bank Limited

Independence Square
Port of Spain

RBC Royal Bank

Independence Square
Port of Spain


If payment is being made for multiple policies, please include each policy number, the primary policy holder’s name and the amounts to be applied to each policy.  

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