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Rest Assured

Losing a loved one can be a strange time, filled with sadness, grief and planning. It’s a stressful and taxing time and the cost of medical and funeral expenses only add to the worry. Help your loved ones through the difficult time even after you’re gone with our RestAssured policy.  

Time is of the utmost importance so we will ensure that the benefit is payable within 48 hours of a claim following the death of the insured with guaranteed cash ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. This benefit is paid directly to your beneficiaries.  

Our flexible payment plan means that you can pay your premiums when it is convenient to you – whether that’s monthly, twice a year or annually. Your policy becomes fully paid after 20 years and you’re covered until your 85th birthday, at which time the insured sum is paid to you.  

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Your full sum insured is payable after four years unless death is by accident in which case the full sum insured is payable immediately. Before this, the Death Benefit is: 

  • First Policy Year – Return of Premiums 
  • Second Policy Year – 25% of Sum Insured 
  • Third Policy Year – 50% of Sum Insured 
  • Fourth Policy Year – 75% of Sum Insured 

Leave your loved ones with memories, not bills. To learn more about this policy email us via [email protected].  or using our Contact Form (hyperlink contact form words) 

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