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Personal Accident

As cautious as we try to be, accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. That’s why our Personal Accident insurance provides worldwide coverage against Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability resulting from an accident. Our personal accident plan offers 24/7, worldwide cover. This plan has both compulsory benefits as well as optional benefits which you can choose to add in based on your needs. 

Compulsory Benefits: 

  • Your payments start as low as $250 per year 
  • Your named beneficiary will receive up to $1,000,000 in the event of your accidental death 
  • Permanent Total Disability, including loss of any limb, sight, fingers, toes, speech, hearing 

Optional Benefits: 

  • Income Protection: Adding in the Income Protection option gives you the security of up to $3,000 weekly into your pocket for up to 104 weeks if you are unable to work due to an accident 
  • Medical Expense Coverage: Get up to $20,000 towards your accident-related healthcare 
  • Hospital Cash: Get up to $1,000 each day you are in hospital and unable to work due to an accident for up to 364 days  

If you travel frequently for business or vacation, send us an email via [email protected]  to get covered!

Executive Cover Care

Healthcare can be expensive. Unforeseen expenses due to illness can be especially stressful, throwing off every area of our lives. With this plan, your medical expenses beyond a deductible of $15,000 are covered by us, subject to the limits on the benefit schedule. 

With our Executive Cover Care plan, you are protected both locally and abroad for medical expenses including:  

  • Hospitalization  
  • Surgeon’s fees 
  • Anaesthetist’s fees 
  • Doctor’s visits 
  • Specialist visits 
  • Blood transfusions 
  • Diagnostic tests – including CAT scans, MRI, and X rays (as an in-hospital patient only) 
  • Airfare – (for overseas treatment when not available locally) 
  • Private nursing 
  • Prescription drugs 

Don’t hesitate, invest in your future health and financial security. Contact us today at [email protected].   

Cover Care

At some time in our lives we’ve all put other priorities ahead of ourselves. It might be waiting a couple of extra weeks to make a dentist’s appointment or holding off before getting a seemingly small symptom checked out. 

Your health is your wealth! Take care of it by purchasing an individual CoverCare plan from Tatil to make sure that you’re protected from some of the fallout from an unforeseen medical expense. We’ve built the CoverCare plan as a flexible coverage option that you can design for your own situation and according to your needs.  

Cash a little tight? Choose the most important benefits that you can afford now. You can always add more coverage later as your health and financial situation change! And there’s more. You can choose a flexible premium to suit your pocket – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly! 

You can build your own plan which includes coverage for the following:  

  • Hospitalization  
  • Surgery  
  • Routine doctor’s visits  
  • Laboratory testing  
  • Maternity expenses  
  • Eye care  
  • Dental care  
  • Description drugs 
  • Funeral expenses  
  • Diagnostics  

With CoverCare from Tatil, you are always paying the lowest deductible rates and are covered for 80% of expenses after your deductible is paid, subject to the limits on the benefit schedule. You are always guaranteed coverage for overseas care and support from our agents should you need to adjust your plan. Send us an email at [email protected]  to find out more.  

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